Our Story

Stomping Elephants sells fun, affordable earrings to people of all ages. Our team of highly dedicated, gorgeous jewellery creators is super passionate about helping you feel good about yourself. We make thousands of earring styles all designed, printed, cut, glued, backed, packed, and shipped from our headquarters in Mackay, Queensland, Australia.

Stomping Elephants was born in September 2014, when Abby (our Chief Stomper) set up a small stall of no more than 100 pairs of earrings at a Mackay market. The support from locals was overwhelming, and after each market she attended - the community of Stompers grew and grew. Fast-forward eight months, and the interest from outside of the Mackay area was also growing. At this stage, Abby decided it was time to seek out dedicated Stompers who would be interested in having their own Stomping stalls in their hometowns.

Today, the Stomping business model includes our Mackay HQ - with a team of highly dedicated, slightly crazy and hugely gorgeous jewellery creators, a network of super fabulous independent reps across Queensland and beyond, and our custom-built online store (hey, that’s where you are right now!). Together, we all work hard (and happily!) to design, create, distribute and share the Stomping love.

Our Handmade Process

At Stomping Elephants, we believe in the beauty of the handmade process. Our earrings are locally designed and lovingly handcrafted in Mackay, Queensland. Our favourite thing to do is create new styles and shapes, that we hope our Stomping community will love.

Want to know how the magic happens?

Step 1 Design

Whether there’s a special event coming up, such as Christmas, the last day of school or Mother’s Day, or one of us just has a random thought (I love guitars - let’s make a guitar earring!) - the process always begins with an idea for a new piece of jewellery. It’s then up to our in-house designers to turn random explanations and scrappy sketches into a unique jewellery design.

Step 2 Production

At our Mackay HQ, we have a whole purpose-built production line set up that is actually a bit special to see in action. The design is first printed on one of two massive machines (either the laser cutter or the printer), and then our beautiful production team cut, print and glue each and every piece. So for one design, we might make 500 earrings - which could equal up to 3000 little earrings bits that are put together by hand.

Step 3 Assemble

Once the crew have designed, created and put all the jewellery pieces together, they then assemble the final product - including packaging. Our largest product range is the Stomping studs and, once the glue is dry, these little fellas are individually attached to an earring backing card - earring front on front, earring back on back. It might not sound hard, but there is definitely an art to assembling each one perfectly. This is also where the majority of our quality control checks come into play. Being a handmade process, we know that humans can be fallible, so our assembly includes very watchful eyes trained to spot anything that we wouldn’t want on our own jewellery. A bent earring stud, a visible bit of glue, a clasp that won’t click in - these all get the heave ho. While the beauty of something being handmade is that no two are exactly the same, that doesn’t mean it can’t be amazingly high quality - which is what we always aim for.

Fabric love

If you’re a fan of fabric earrings, then you’ll probably be pleased to know that they get even more special attention! To create these elegant earrings, our team individually hand-cut each fabric circle - before assembling the earring as per normal. That’s right, every time you wear a pair of fabric Stompings - you’ll know that you’re looking even more special than usual!

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