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It doesn’t take much to be a Stomper - unmatched creative talent, an off the charts sense of humour, and a passion for creating something truly beautiful and unique. We’re a close-knit team who spend our time creating exciting new designs, laser cutting intricate patterns, hand-gluing tiny earring bits and carefully packaging order after order of individually special, Australian-made jewellery.

Check out the bios below to find out more about this gorgeous group of Stompers!

Stomping Headquarters Team



Chief Stomper

Meet Abby - super Mama, jewellery hoarder, business visionary and multi-tasker extraordinaire. The Original Stomper, Abby's passion for fun, quality, affordable earrings is what led her to rapidly grow Stomping Elephants into a highly successful business that now employs over ten locals. Abby is a mother to two beautiful, vibrant mini-Stompers and working from home means she can be involved in her daughters' activities. Abby loves her team and is grateful for our loyal Stomping herd who continue to support our creations.

Favourite Pair of Earrings

The Naveed



Mackay Stomper

After spending two years as our Cairns rep, Emma jumped at the opportunity to be a part of Stomping in Mackay - at both HQ and as our local market rep. Emma's relocation with her husband and two small children has also meant more time with family, so it was a win all round. At HQ, she loves working in production and you will also see Emma around some of our local markets - which she enjoys just as much! Emma truly enjoys getting out and meeting our wonderful Stompers, and seeing them proudly showing off our amazing range.

Favourite Pair of Earrings

The Sonny



Stomping Assistant

Kym is a lover of all things handmade, so watching her long-time friend Abby build this mind-blowing business has been incredibly exciting. Kym feels extremely lucky that she is also an important part of that journey, helping to produce all of our stunning jewellery here in her hometown of Mackay. A proud wife and Mum of a family of boys, she believes that wearing Stomping earrings is what helps to keep her girly (even if her collection of over 370 pairs includes a lot of superhero and sport themed earrings picked by her boys).

Favourite Pair of Earrings

The Brady



Senior Designer

Enter Stomping's resident nerd! A mother to two gorgeous little boys, Nikki has a quirky passion for all things tech and artsy. A graphic designer by profession, Nikki not only designed Stomping's online presence, but she also designed the beautiful Stomping branding that you see on all of our materials. A jack-of-all-trades with a heart as big as our collection, Nikki also designs many of our earrings (including custom designs!) and photographs all of our Stomping models.

Favourite Pair of Earrings

The Kai



Production Assistant

Terri-Lee's love of all things Stomping began when she attended her first market for her face-painting business Let's Just Face It!, and came across our stall. Terri-Lee loves to create, so whether it's painting a face or making a beautiful pair of earrings at Stomping HQ, her life isn't complete without some colour in it. Thankfully, her husband and two children are totally on board with her Stomping addiction and her five-year-old daughter has already started her own personal collection, but she still steals whatever Mum brings home.

Favourite Pair of Earrings

The Terri



Stomping Assistant

Rachel joined us in 2019, but she's been an admirer since her neighbour, Kym (our Stomping Assistant), introduced her to Stomping. On their kid's playdates, Rachel kept noticing a stash of our earrings at Kym's house, and after buying a couple of pairs as gifts, she was hooked. Rachel is a key part of our despatch team - packing your orders with great speed! While she says it's hard to choose a favourite pair of earrings, she has a soft spot for animals, and loves our laser cut wombats, pigs, and Australian native animals.

Favourite Pair of Earrings

The Mister Daisy Earrings



Creative Stomper

Just as a caterpillar transforms into a beautiful butterfly, our amazing Dana, (who was once a Junior Stomper), has emerged from uni as our superstar Creative Stomper, and is in charge of all things social here at Stomping. We have watched Dana unleash her inner-creative genius by ramping up our social media game so we can keep you informed about all our amazing products and new releases. Check out her awesome work on all our accounts: Facebook (@stompingelephantsmackay), Instagram, or TikTok (@stompingelephants).

Favourite Pair of Earrings

The Ashley



Stomping Assistant

Kate is a long-term Stomping lover who was lucky enough to have scored the very first pair of Stomping Elephants earrings all those years ago! A mother to two gorgeous boys and wife to a very supportive husband, Kate was born and raised in the Mackay region and is (luckily for us) very passionate about supporting local businesses. You will catch Kate packing your online orders and generally brightening everyone's day with her infectious smile and positivity.

Favourite Pair of Earrings

The Nathan



Production Assistant

Jodie is a hard-working, Stomping Elephants rockstar. Her journey with us began at the markets where she met Abby whilst running her own stall. The two became friends, and Jodie loved Stomping so much, she would pop in and volunteer to make earrings. After much begging on our part, we convinced her to come work for us (score!). You will find Jodie in our production dept. running our machines like a boss; and if you're really lucky, you might catch her smiling face serving customers in our retail shop.

Favourite Pair of Earrings

The Vernon

Stomping Reps Team


Gold Coast South Stomper

Amy started purchasing Stomping Elephants earrings for herself and her two daughters through her bestie, who was the old rep for Bunderberg some years ago. It was not long before a couple of pairs turned into an obsession! Her girls love having a different pair of earrings to wear every day. Amy is a local to the Southern end of the Gold Coast and has lived in Elanora for most of her life. Amy is excited to meet her Stomping followers at her next market day. Make sure you follow her Facebook page to find out where she'll be next.


Whitsundays Stomper

Zoe first fell in love with Stomping Elephants when she met Karen (the previous Whitsundays rep) after moving to Airlie Beach in 2017. It soon became an obsession, as Zoe loves the variety and anything handmade! Zoe moved to Airlie from Victoria with her husband and little boy. She is a business owner and wildlife carer in her spare time, so when Karen asked her if she was interested in taking the markets on - it was a big HELLS YEAH! Zoe loves meeting new people and is proud to be selling such amazing jewellery. She loves to see the joy on ...


Townsville Stomper

Nell is a dedicated, hard-working Mum of three, who also works night shifts. After discovering Stomping through her friend Tracy (who was also the Townsville rep at the time), Nell quickly became a Stomping addict (ahem, customer). When Nell was asked if she would be interested in taking over as the Townsville rep, she didn't hesitate for a second! Nell is very excited to be a part of the Stomping team, and we are just as excited to have her.


Tamworth Stomper

Bec first discovered Stomping Elephants in her hometown of Airlie Beach and very quickly, along with her two talented, beautiful, dancing daughters, became a Stomping addict. With each new market, her family's collection grew as they simply could not get enough! When they moved to Tamworth, they felt something was missing, so they were very excited and honoured to take on the role of bringing Stomping Elephants to New South Wales. Bec and her girls are out and about within the New England Region, spreading the Stomping love; so make sure you...


Rockhampton Stomper

Amanda was originally introduced to Stomping Elephants by her sister, Natasha. When Amanda found out that Tash was hanging up her Stomping hat, she quickly jumped at the opportunity to be part of such a wonderful team. A mum of two beautiful girls, Amanda says that when put together, they own about 200 studs (that's not even counting the dangles!). Amanda's last holiday was a three-week trip from Rockhampton to Cape York and back - and she made sure she wore a different pair of Stomping studs each day! For more information about where you ca...


Moranbah Stomper

Brooke is a mum to three beautiful children and has a love of anything crafty. She and her daughter have been long-term fans of Stomping Elephants. As an absolute market addict, and a Stomping addict, Brooke is very excited to now be attending every market with Stomping Elephants. She looks forward to seeing all the friendly and familiar faces around Moranbah.


Mackay Stomper

After spending two years as our Cairns rep, Emma jumped at the opportunity to be a part of Stomping in Mackay - at both HQ and as our local market rep. Emma's relocation with her husband and two small children has also meant more time with family, so it was a win all round. At HQ, she loves working in production and you will also see Emma around some of our local markets - which she enjoys just as much! Emma truly enjoys getting out and meeting our wonderful Stompers, and seeing them proudly showing off our amazing range.


Gold Coast North Stomper

Shell is a busy mum to four gorgeous kiddos. She has a passion for handmade and loves to support women in business. Shell's huge addiction to Stomping Elephants earrings has led her to become the Gold Coast North rep, and she is excited to share her Stomping goodies with you! If you are in the area, come say g'day.


Emerald/Blackwater Stomper

Joanne has lived locally in the Emerald/Blackwater region for 30 years. Compared to the other reps, Joanne might be a little bit of a newbie Stomping fan, but she absolutely loves to see what's up and coming in the Stomping world. Christmas is Joanne's absolute Stomping obsession - buying new Christmas earrings every year. Joanne has recently started maternity leave and looks forward every day to her next Stomping adventure.


Dysart Stomper

It started with four pairs, which grew to 22, and the rest is history! For Aimee, it's never a dull moment looking through and deciding which earrings to wear for the day. When the opportunity arose for a new Dysart area rep - Aimee jumped at the chance as she knew the flexibility of Stomping was perfect for a mum with a growing family. Look out Dysart, Middlemount and Capella - you will see this Stomper at your next market day! Come say G'day x


Charters Towers Stomper

Originally from Central Queensland, Lea and her awesome five-year-old son now call Charters Towers home. Lea has worked on the land most of her life before entering the banking industry in 2017, and is now working for her local council. Because of her past experience around the rural parts of Queensland and the Northern Territory, Lea appreciates how good it feels to be able to dress up and look nice even in the grip of a drought. Lea is a passionate Stomping Elephants fan, and loves being a Stomping rep. Lea says Charters Towers is a very s...


Cairns and Surrounds Stomper

Canadian turned Australian, Nicole is an eco-warrior wannabe, hoarder of shoes and earrings, lover of wine and mother to one seriously cute puppy. After a few twists and turns, Nicole ended up in tropical Far North Queensland and is passionate about doing her part for the environment and supporting local small businesses. She is never one to say no to a chat and is excited to be part of the Stomping team.


Bundaberg Stomper

An absolute superwoman, not only is Mel a nurse, but she is also a mum to five gorgeous kiddos (one handsome boy and four beautiful girls). Mel's addiction to Stomping Elephants started when she met the previous local rep. Two pairs of Stomping earrings turned into 15 and the rest is history. The love for Stomping appears to have been passed down to Mel's daughters as well. The girls have started their own collection of 'beautiful pretties' as they like to call them. For more info about market locations or just to say g'day, contact Mel on t...


Brisbane South Stomper

Kylie first discovered Stomping Elephants at a local street festival, and that's where the addiction started! Changing her earrings each day is a must, and Kylie's own Stomping collection is growing at a super fast rate. She also has two awesome boys and a wonderful hubby, plus the most adorable Cocker Spaniel called Chevy - and if Kylie could pierce their ears, she would. Kylie's out and about on the south side of Brissy, so make sure you follow her page to see where she's located each month. Kylie lives in Forest Lake and is happy to deliv...


Brisbane North Stomper

If you've ever wondered where the term 'Stomping Addict' originated, look no further! Pippa used to be Stomping Elephants' best customer. In fact, she's so addicted, her record purchase before becoming a rep was 72 earrings in one day! Having forced her addiction on to her mother, sister and now her sister-in-law, she's a natural at spreading the Stomping love' and we here at Stomping love her too!

Do you love Stomping Elephants as much as we do? Would you like to share your love of our product with the rest of your town? If you answered yes - we would love to hear from you. As a Stomping Elephants rep, you will have the opportunity to share our much-loved products with your community - and make some moolah doing it!

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